About us

What we do

ROCK. is a state of the art real estate company based in the center of Amsterdam. With ambition and passion we develop high-end properties. ROCK. uses exceptional and modern materials to create unique projects.

ROCK. goes beyond construction. With our background in fashion and contracting, where details and trends prevail, we see objects from a different perspective. We combine this knowledge with years of experience in project development and the extensive network of involved parties. Thus, ROCK. creates qualitative and distinguishing projects.

ROCK. believes in co-creation. Good collaboration with all involved parties like trade specialists, designers, architects, constructors and investors makes ROCK. capable to give a unique identity to every project.

ROCK. deepens. During the entire development we shift ourselves in the perspective of the end-user. We dare to use special materials; details are making the difference. This way we get the maximum out a space, with the aim of creating an amazing end result.

Selling your property?

ROCK. is constantly looking for new projects and challenges. We keep looking at the possibilities and opportunities, no matter how challenging a property might be. Whether it is a monumental building or a small studio; as long as we feel we can create uniqueness, ROCK. is interested. We do like to make a realistic proposal, conform to the market. For us, discretion is important. Interested? Contact us.