ROCK creates state of the art houses at wonderful locations


ROCK. delivers each project to perfection, right down to the last detail. Details make a difference and that is what makes us different.

Van Breestraat 168

Two large apartments
Ground-floor apartment on three levels, of ca. 230m2 with garden
Double floor apartment with direct lift access and rooftop terrace of ca. 130m2
Near the Vondelpark
In development
Real Estate Agent

230m2, 130m2

Van Breestraat 117

Four apartments of ca. 75m2 up to ca. 160m2
Outdoor space
Near the Vondelpark
In development
Lift to all floors
Real Estate Agent

75 m2, 75 m2, 119 m2 & 160 m2

Andreas Schelfhoutstraat

10 woningen in voormalige kerk in Oud-Zuid
Real Estate Agent

Govert Flinkstraat 394

Three apartments of 50 m2, 105 m2 & 170 m2
Large garden
In development
Prime location
Real Estate Agent

50 m2, 105 m2 & 170 m2

Bloemgracht 84

Two apartments of 100 m2 & 120 m2 in canalhouse
Former warehouse
National monument
Prime location
100 m2 & 120 m2
Real Estate Agent

ca. 590 m2

Oosterpark 35

4 apartments
Approximately 70-180 m2
Overlooking Oosterpark
Property currently in development
Completion Autumn 2018

70-180 m2